Yeast is a natural leavening agent. During the fermentation process, the microorganisms in yeast powder react with the sugar in the flour to produce gases and bubbles that can fluff up the dough and produce more nutrients in the flour and increase the vitamin content of the flour. Among the leavening agents, yeast powder is an absolutely safe and healthy one. When we usually make buns, buns and other fermented pasta, it is best to choose yeast powder to make the flour, which is the healthiest way to make the flour.


What is yeast is used for?

Loosening of the product

Yeast produces a large amount of carbon dioxide during the fermentation of the dough and is retained in the mesh tissue due to the formation of gluten network tissue, making the baked goods loose and porous and increasing in volume. Yeast also increases the role of gluten expansion, so that the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation can be retained in the dough, improving the dough's ability to hold gas.

Improve flavor

During the fermentation process, the dough undergoes a series of complex biochemical reactions, producing a fermented aroma unique to bread products, while forming an aroma unique to bread products, improving the flavor of food.

Increase nutrition

The main component of yeast is protein, which accounts for almost half of the dry matter content of yeast, and there is sufficient content of essential amino acids, especially lysine, which is more lacking in cereals. In addition, it contains a large amount of vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and nikonic acid, so yeast can improve the nutritional value of fermented foods.

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