Why Private Label Manufacturing is the Supplement Business of Choice?

October 9, 2023

Outsourcing your supplement manufacturing allows you to focus on your customer's health and your brand's growth. The two most popular manufacturing options under supplement outsourcing are:

● Contract supplement manufacturing

● Private label supplement manufacturing

Allow me to explain the difference between the two and why private label manufacturing is the top option for supplement brand owners.

1. Private Labeling vs. Contract Manufacturing

Private label manufacturing is when you buy supplement products with existing formulations in bulk from a supplement manufacturer, or in the form of direct packaged and labeled pre-filled bottles. These off-the-shelf products can be purchased in bulk or in bottles and can be brought to market quickly. If private label manufacturing is selecting a product, contract manufacturing is creating a product. Contract manufacturing means that the manufacturer needs to produce according to the brand owner's requirements, including product formulation, packaging, and labeling. So, what is the difference between the two of them?

Contract ManufacturingPrivate Labeling
SessionBrand owners and contract manufacturers need to discuss, agree, develop and test products.Direct purchase of the final product
Cost itemsIngredient sourcing, product development, final product purchaseBulk purchase or direct purchase of pre-filled bottles in labeled form
Speed to marketSlowFast

By now you know that the result of both options is the same: you can sell products with your own brand name. What differs between them is the process, specifically the level of involvement between you and the product.

2. Advantages of Private Label Manufacturing

1. Small cost investment

It is because the private label is selecting existing products from the white label product line that this level of its involvement naturally dictates that she will not spend a lot of time and cost. Moreover, the start-up costs of the model are low since no new R&D is required on the manufacturing side of the product.

When you choose a stock formula from a supplement supplier and then put your own branding and packaging on it, how much does it cost to purchase the product roughly? I'm going to use vitamin C chewables and vitamin C gummies as an example here.

OptionsVitamin C Chewable Vitamin C Gummies
Product Specification40 Capsules/Bottle60g/Bottle
Price(5000 Bottles)0.547$/Bottle0.684$/Bottle
Price(10000 Bottles)0.384$/Bottle0.617$/Bottle

It should be noted that the production cost prices provided above are for reference only. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us for a more detailed and accurate quote.

Since the manufacturing of supplement formulations is not as simple as A+B+C, it is important to consider whether the ingredients are subject to cross-reactivity and Meladic reactions. So I can't provide you with a reference price. However, what we can all be sure of is that contract manufacturing supplements will inevitably cost much more than private label manufacturing supplements under your own brand. This is because you are not purchasing the final product.

2. Fast delivery time

Because private label products are already manufactured, they usually have lower minimum orders than contract manufacturing. This also means fast shipping, so you don't have to worry about running out of product and not being able to replenish it in time. Here are the delivery times for the two ways to get your products from private label supplement manufacturers here:

TypeGeneral PackagingCustomized Packaging
PackagingStock PackagingNo stock, customized
ShipmentWithin 7 days7-15 days

However, contract manufacturing has a production shipment time of approximately 8 weeks from now due to the debugging of the formula.

Why stock formulas?
Stock formulated or white label formulated supplements help you sell supplements faster than custom formulated supplements. Why?

  • These formulas are in stock at all times, and readily available to be privately labeled with your brand name.
  • Minimum order quantities are lower than those of custom formulas, saving you money.
  • You are always guaranteed a safe, high-quality product of the same stature.
  • Even though just starting out, your private label can compete with bigger brand names.

3. Private Label Manufacturers: What Do We Offer You?

Whether you're new to the nutraceutical industry or not, creating your own line of supplements can seem daunting. This is when suppliers play a key role in the manufacturing process. As a supplier, Reiheychem likes to make things easy, and we are committed to providing you with one-stop solutions.

3.1 Extensive stock products

● A wide range of formula types:

Our private label formulas are the ideal solution for supplement brands looking to bring a recognized formula to market in a competitive timeframe. We offer hundreds of quality formulas across a wide range of health and wellness areas. Whether you need immune health products, sports nutrition products, or superfoods and collagen products, our private label formulas will always meet your needs.

● A wide range of product forms

At Reiheychem, we offer the most popular and advanced supplement forms for our customers to choose from, including capsules, softgels, tablets, powders, and gummies. In addition, our supplement products come in a wide selection of colors and flavors.

CapsulesColored capsules, vegetarian capsules, softgels
TabletsRaw, coated,
sublingual, chewable and time-release
GummiesVarious shapes and colors

3.2 Customized packaging and label design

1. Customized labels
We know that a supplement product's labeling and packaging design is more than a simple aesthetic-based decision. Instead, it is an important interaction for the supplement consumer. Our stock formulation service simplifies the process for your supplements. Once you have selected a stock formula for us to private label with your brand name, you will need to provide us with the final label design files. You only send us your label artwork in vector format (e.g. AI, EPS, PSD) and we apply them to the white label supplement products after printing your labels.

2. Selectable Packaging Options

You can choose from a variety of packaging materials and formats based on your brand image and target market to ensure your products stand out on the shelf. Whether you're looking for affordable standard packaging or a high-end luxury feel, we've got you covered. Our packaging options cover a wide range of formats:

JarsShrink Wrapper Containers
Display BoxesBlister Packs
Folding CartonsStrips
Powder Dose PackagingStick Packs
Single Dose PackagingFlexographic Printing
Multi Dose PackagingInduction Seals

3.3 Production Process

1. Formulation selection

First, you will view our extensive inventory of formulas to select the right supplement product for your target market and customer needs. Whether you wish to manufacture vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, or any other type of product, we have a variety of options in our inventory to choose from.

2. Product Packaging

You will choose the packaging option that suits your product. We apply your private label to the package based on the labels you provide. This step is an opportunity to make your product unique and eye-catching.

3. Packaging and Shipping

Finally, your supplement product is packaged and shipping is arranged according to your instructions. We also have a variety of shipping options to choose from, including ocean freight and air freight. Our staff will provide you with quotes for different shipping methods when you initially identify the products you want to purchase. We can provide a quote within 24-48 hours and you can make your own choice according to your needs.

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