Vanillin Flavor Powder

Vanillin is an edible flavour, an organic compound extracted from a plant spice. Vanillin is currently one of the most used food flavouring agents in the world. It is known as the "king of food flavouring" it has specific antioxidant and cancer prevention effects and can participate in bacterial cell signalling. Vanillin is a white to slightly yellow powder with a slightly sweet taste. Vanillin powder has the aroma of vanilla bean, with a stable aroma and is non-volatile. Therefore, vanillin is widely used in food, chocolate and ice cream, beverages and other products.


Is vanillin natural or artificial?

Vanillin is a substance extracted from the vanilla bean and is a natural organic compound. Because vanillin has a very strong milk flavour and can be used as a fragrance and aroma substance to use, pastry, candy and some baked goods are added and are currently the world's largest producer of synthetic flavour species. Because vanillin is relatively safe and natural, it is often added to some infant formulas.

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