Superfoods: Why They Should Be Your Next Supplement Manufactured

November 6, 2023

Riding the wave of "big health," superfoods have caught the eyes of consumers and quickly become a rising star in the food market. In just a few years, the superfood market has rapidly grown, creating a market worth billions of dollars. In recent years, it's not just older people who seek to maintain their long and healthy lives. Now, superfoods have also become a hot topic among young people. A search on Facebook revealed that there are as many as 252W+ posts about superfoods. Some excitedly discuss the efficacy of various superfoods; some also share their favorite superfood brands and products; and some even analyze whether it's another IQ tax ......

In short, superfoods are generating significant interest across all age groups, it showcasing a rapidly changing and growing market. So what are the key drivers fuelling the rapid expansion of the superfoods market? What are the advantages of producing this product for those of you who are already brand owners of supplements? This article will address these core questions and provide a comprehensive analysis of this vast blue ocean market.

1. Market Trends in Superfoods

1.1 Market Basic Situation

According to research data from Precedence Research1, a market research organization in India, the global superfoods market will reach USD 167 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach approximately USD 263.08 billion by 2032. North America is the main market for superfoods, with the share of about 43 percent. Asia Pacific, a rising star, has been the fastest growing market in recent years. In short, superfoods may not be a mainstream trend, but they are growing.

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1.2 Distribution Channels

As far as the superfoods market is concerned in 2022, the specialty shops segment is dominating the market. This is because specialty shops can focus on specific product categories and can attract customers who cannot find the products they need in regular shops. The online channel, on the other hand, can be open 24/7 and can offer products to any part of the world. This channel feature is favoured by supplement retailers. Therefore, the online sales channel segment is also expected to witness significant growth between 2023 and 2032.

2. Analysis of consumer demand for superfood supplements

Starting a new venture in this field might make you feel anxious. You might wonder: Do consumers really want superfoods? Who all is buying superfood supplements?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a steady increase in consumer interest in superfoods. In recent years, superfoods have been one of the thriving retail categories, consistently maintaining high levels of consumer interest. According to Google Trends data, key terms such as "superfoods" (with a monthly search volume of 60,000), "best superfoods" (12,000 monthly searches), and "superfood powder" (1,000 monthly searches) are popular searches related to this topic.

For those busy works who struggle to consume the recommended daily doses of fruits and vegetables, superfood powders, gummies, or other supplement forms can be beneficial. If someone simply doesn't like leafy greens, then they'll turn to private labels like yours to get the nutrients they need for optimal health.

3. Specific advantages of superfood production by supplement brand owners

3.1. Relevant knowledge and experience

As a supplement brand owner or retailer, whether you're new to the industry or a veteran player, you're already more or less knowledgeable about the nutrition and health industry. This means that you have some knowledge and experience of the nutrients and product features required by your target customers. This reservoir of experience can help you exactly which superfoods are a good fit for your supplement product line and will meet the needs of your target customers.

3.2. Manufacturing advantages

Whether you have previously chosen supplement private label manufacturing or contract manufacturing, you are experienced in the production and distribution of supplement products. You are familiar with the capabilities of the supplement suppliers or manufacturers you have worked with before. If embarking on a new supplement product, you will communicate and work better together because of your previous experience working together. They may be willing to be more flexible to meet your specific needs, including custom formulations, packaging, and production scale. This will greatly reduce the time it takes to get your superfood supplement product to market.

3.3 Accumulated customers and brand reputation

For products that already existed under the previous supplement line, your individual supplement products may have gained some sales or better feedback. If this is the case, then it means that you have already accumulated a bit of brand reputation and customer trust. This brand reputation is a strong underpinning for your entry into the superfood market, and you are also key to attracting new customers and retaining old ones. New customers will associate previous positive feedback and brand image with your new superfood supplements, resulting in trust and interest in the new product line. Repeat customers, on the other hand, will likely try your new product line because they have confidence in the quality of your products and services.

4. Recommended Superfood Products for Sale

According to the survey data by Global Market Insights, a U.S. based industry research firm, it has been learned that it is the fruit-based superfood powders that will dominate the superfood powders market in 2022, with a revenue of around USD 2.32. This is closely followed by vegetable and herb-based superfood powders. And algae and cereal-based superfood powders are also expected to shine in the coming years.

As a supplement manufacturer, we understand your quest as a brand owner and retailer, you want your products to gain market share and bring in money. That's why we've selected these superfood products not only for their health benefits to consumers but also from a commercial point of view. Next, we've chosen products for each of these categories that are popular with consumers:

1. Fruit-Based Superfood Powders

Acai Berry

According to the new market research report "Global Acai Berry Products Market 2023-2027" published by Technavio2, consumers' quest for products with high nutritional value and widespread recognition of acai as a superfood. This is the main driving factor behind the increase in the number of superfood launches.

If your supplement line involves antioxidant-based products, incorporating acai berry would be an excellent choice. Its powerful antioxidant properties and recognized health benefits will bring unique nutritional value to your products while meeting the growing consumer demand for high quality, healthful products.

2. Vegetable-Based Superfood Powders

● Kale

According to a new survey by MarketResearch.biz3, the superfoods market has shown a significant growth trend in recent years, especially in categories such as berries, seeds, and vegetables. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their dietary choices, favoring ingredients that are rich in nutrients and health benefits. Within this trend, kale has become a high-profile superfood with its outstanding performance, and its popularity continues to show consistent growth. We suggest that you can capitalize on the popularity of kale superfoods and its holistic nutritional properties to boost the appeal of your supplement products. Or launch a supplement portfolio that combines these popular superfoods at the right time to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

3. Herb-Based Superfood Powders


According to a report published by The Brainy Insights, the global matcha market is expected to grow from USD 2.73 billion in 2021 to USD 6.19 billion by 2030. The growing popularity of matcha has encouraged industry players to develop innovative products. Growing demand for matcha dietary supplements as a preventive healthcare measure will also provide lucrative opportunities for market players.

Matcha is considered to be an excellent tool for improving workout results due to its refreshing and anti-inflammatory properties. Especially after the outbreak, an increasing number of fitness enthusiasts, beauty seekers, and lifestyle influencers have started promoting matcha health drinks and dietary supplements on social media. This trend has spread far and wide on social media, providing strong support for the recognition of matcha as a healthy beverage. If your supplement products are geared toward groups like exercise enthusiasts and beauty seekers, this trend will provide you with excellent business opportunities.


According to the Netherlands CBI4, the demand for immune-boosting supplements has been growing steadily since the spring of 2020. Turmeric contains curcumin, an active ingredient that is considered a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Western consumers have been gradually recognizing the health benefits of turmeric, and the turmeric market in Europe has been growing at a rate of 12-17% annually since 2022.

Nowadays, turmeric is not only popular among consumers in the nutraceutical industry, but is also showing its market potential in health drinks, protein bars, and desserts. Therefore, you should fully capitalize on this trend and take full advantage of turmeric's popularity and versatility in your products. Whether you are developing new supplements, and health drinks, or adding new elements to your existing product line, you can leverage turmeric's popularity to attract more customers. And, we've found that turmeric as a supplement is available in a wide variety of forms on the market, including capsules, gummies, and powders. You can choose the right form of turmeric supplements according to your target customer base.

4. Grain-Based Superfood Powders

● Chia Seeds

Over the past few years, consumers have begun to turn to ready-to-eat and packaged foods as the pace of people's lives has increased and they are pressed for time. This trend has led to a sustained increase in demand for superfoods and organic ingredients in the packaged food industry, with chia seeds becoming one of the highly sought-after products. According to FMI5 of American Market Research, Inc., the chia seeds market size is expected to reach USD 203 million by 2023, and the demand for chia seeds is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7%.

Today, chia seeds are readily available in supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores catering to a growing consumer base. Moreover, they have become a typical product in the health food segment and are sold as food supplements in pharmacies.

Given their large market, we recommend that you add more similar ingredients and chia seeds with organic certification to your product portfolio. By expanding your product portfolio, you can better meet the health needs of different consumer segments while strengthening your position in this growing market.

5. Algae Superfoods


Spirulina is regarded as a very nutrient-dense superfood that is rich in protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, and a variety of minerals, as well as being rich in antioxidants. This is in line with consumers' increasing preference for natural, nutrient-dense food choices, which has led to continued growth in demand for spirulina powder as a nutritional supplement.

According to a survey conducted by Global Market Insights6, a US-based data research company, the market for spirulina powder reached US$462.2 million in 2022 and is expected to continue growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% per annum over the next period from 2023 to 2032.

This data suggests that the market potential for spirulina powder remains very promising in the future. Therefore, incorporating spirulina into your product portfolio is a promising option. This product can help you attract consumers who are concerned about health and natural ingredients.

5. Brand success stories

1. Orgain

The key to Orgain's success is their keen sense and deep understanding of market trends. They recognized early on that the modern consumer's quest for health and maintenance has gone beyond traditional meal patterns. In response, they launched a range of green superfood powders, including a variety of organic green superfood powders and turmeric powders. The success of these products doesn't stop at the diversity of their product line; Orgain insists on using high quality, natural ingredients and ensures that their products are developed under the strict supervision of scientific and health professionals.

Not only that, but Orgain has turned consumers into loyal fans through aggressive brand marketing and building community connections. They have built a trusting relationship with consumers by actively sharing health knowledge through social media and content marketing.

2. Sunfood

Sunfood Superfoods is known for its wide assortment of superfoods and blends in over 100 different SKUs including acai, bee pollen, beet powder, cacao, kamut, pearl grass, goji berries, and more. These products come in a variety of forms ranging from general foods, supplements, and even personal care products.

Sunfood successfully sells dozens of supplement products containing superfoods. In addition to the Maca and Mushroom products, Moringa Capsules and Turmeric & Super Herbs Capsules, two superfood supplements, are also very popular among consumers. Due to the popularity of these supplements, Sunfood has established a good brand reputation in the superfood sector and has satisfied consumers' quest for health and nutrition.

3. Force Factor

Force Factor introduces Total Beets Original Drinking Powder, which is made from the superfood beet, which has been highly valued in recent years, as a recycled superfood and dietary supplement that provides drinkers with a rich source of nutrients and dietary fiber. The natural beet and innovative NO3-T nitrate in the product promote the production of nitrogen oxides for cardiovascular and brain health benefits.

Factor's innovative launch in this area is a favorite among the healthy crowd. This product brings more options for fitness professionals, as it can be used as a nutritional supplement during workout periods or as a meal replacement when energy levels are low.

These success stories are just the tip of the iceberg of many superfood supplement market success stories. They provide invaluable lessons for the future and open up a path to success for brands entering the superfood space. Hopefully, these examples will inspire and guide your brand to a deeper understanding and utilization of the power of superfood supplements.

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