Soybean Protein Isolate

Soybean isolate protein is nutritious and cholesterol-free and is one of the few vegetable proteins that can replace animal proteins. It has the highest biological value for in vivo digestion compared to other proteins, with 93%-97% digestibility of soybean isolate protein. It is nutrient-rich and cholesterol-free. As an emulsifier, soybean isolate protein can reduce the surface tension of water and oil and lower the surface tension of water and air. It is easy to form stable emulsions. In the production of baked goods, frozen foods and soups, the addition of soybean isolate protein as an emulsifier can keep the product in a stable state.


Is soy protein isolate good for you?

The effects of soy protein isolate include cholesterol reduction, protein supplementation, and immune system improvement, and it also has the effect of helping to lose weight and keep the body healthy.

What is the difference between soy protein and soy protein isolate?

Soybean protein isolate has a protein content of more than 90 per cent, soy protein rich in protein will be relatively low, at about 40 per cent. In daily life, the appropriate intake of some protein can effectively enhance the body's resistance. And protein is rich in amino acids, for promoting the skin's metabolism will be very helpful.

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Application of soybean isolate protein in food

In meat products
For meat patties, meatballs, dumplings, buns and other minced meat products, usually baked, fried, steamed, cooked, or processed at a higher temperature, using the mixing method to add soy protein isolate, mainly by using its water absorption, oil absorption characteristics are better, as an added material to improve the texture of the product (to reduce fat-free), it can not only produce the same taste as meat, but also enhance the water holding capacity, reduce the shrinkage of the pie cooking, improve production It can produce not only meat-like taste, but also enhance water-holding capacity, reduce cooking shrinkage, improve yield, reduce costs, and also improve the nutritional value of products. Using the functional properties of soy protein isolate and a variety of simulated meat products, these products do not have meat replaced with other meat but have the flavour and texture of natural meat products, high protein, low fat, cholesterol-free, and high nutritional value advantages.
In baked goods
The application of soybean isolate protein in bread production, the addition of soybean isolate protein can increase the volume of bread, improve the colour of the crust, the sensory quality of bread and nutritional value have apparent effects. The addition of soybean isolate can increase the water absorption rate of bread, increase the protein content of bread, improve the quality of bread, and have a specific protective effect on the ageing of bread. Adding soy protein to cakes can improve the stability of the foam system.
In dairy products
A certain percentage of soybean isolate protein is added to milk powder to combine animal protein with vegetable protein. With cow's milk and soy protein as the primary raw materials. The active lactic acid bacteria beverage made by fermentation has almost little difference in flavour and taste from ordinary yogurt, which not only has the inherent characteristics of yogurt, but also carries out the complementation of animal and plant proteins and has a reasonable and balanced nutritional structure.