Sodium Erythorbate

Sodium erythorbate is a food ingredient and additive that plays the role of a preservative by inhibiting the effect of oxygen on food, which is beneficial to health. Sodium erythorbate maintains the original colour and natural flavour of food and extend the shelf life of food without any side effects. Sodium erythorbate is less expensive than ascorbic acid and has an excellent antioxidant effect, so it is a more commonly used food antioxidant. They are used in meat processing, fruits, vegetables, canned foods and jams, beverages, beer, wine, fruit teas and juices, etc.


What is sodium erythorbate made of?

Sodium erythorbate is obtained by inoculating Pseudomonas fluorescens with aerobic fermentation to obtain calcium α-ketogluconate, acidifying and removing the calcium material, then adding methanol and a small amount of sulfuric acid to obtain solid methyl gluconate, and finally dissolving the ester in methanol and adding sodium metal, heating to obtain oral is ascorbic acid sodium salt residue, separating and refining the product.

Why is sodium erythorbate used in sausage?

Sodium erythorbate is mainly used to give a nice and rich colour to sausages. It also helps the nitrates in the sausage to work faster. It can also be used in brines for ham and bacon or poultry. However, it is mainly used with ham and bacon to give a nice red colour.

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