White Crystalline Powder Food Additives Sweeteners Food Grade High Purity Sorbitol

AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder
Nutritional ValueSweetener
EffectRetains Water
GradeFood Grade
Molecular Weight182.173
Shelf Life24 Months
Storage ConditionsStored in a Cool and Dry Place

Sorbitol is a new sweetener made from glucose. It is colourless, odourless, clarified and sweet. Thick liquid or white crystalline powder with excellent preservation, colour retention, and moisture retention, which could be widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries.

It can be used as a sweetener, humectant, chelating agent and tissue modifier.
1. Sorbitol has good thermal stability and a fragrance-preserving effect. It is a sugar-free functional sweetener and an important basic material for functional food. It can be used in sugar-free candies, cakes, surimi, and beverages as sweeteners and humectants.
2. Improve the organization and taste of food, making the product more delicate. Adding sorbitol to food can prevent the drying and cracking of food and keep food fresh and soft. It has an obvious effect on bread and cakes.
Sorbitol does not contain aldehyde groups. It is not easy to be oxidized and doesn't cause Maillard Reactions with amino acids when heated.
3. It has certain physiological activities and can prevent the denaturation of carotenoids, edible fat and protein. Adding sorbitol to concentrated milk can prolong the shelf life
4. It has obvious stability and long-term preservation effect on fish sauce.


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