Tio2 Titanium Dioxide Industrial Grade

AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder
GradeIndustrial Grade
Hydrotrope≤0.5 %
Matter volatile at 105℃≤0.8%
Reside on sieve 45μm≤0.05%
Verage particle diameter0.20-0.26um
StorageKeep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder
UsageCoating, Paint, Plastics

Product Description:

Titanium dioxide(TiO2) is an important inorganic chemical pigment.
Titanium dioxide is generally divided into anatase type (Anatase, referred to as A type) and rutile type (Rutile, referred to as R type).
Titanium dioxide(TiO2) is an important inorganic chemical pigment.
There two different types which are Rutile Titanium and Anatase Titanium.

Titanium dioxide (chemical formula: TiO2, white solid or powdered amphoteric oxide, molecular weight: 79.9, is a white inorganic pigment, has non-toxic, best opacity, best whiteness and brightness, is considered to be the world today A white pigment with the best performance. Titanium white has strong adhesion, is not easy to change chemically, and is always white. It is widely used in coatings, plastics, papermaking, printing inks, chemical fiber, rubber, cosmetics and other industries. Its melting point Very high, it is also used to make refractory glass, glaze, enamel, clay, high temperature resistant laboratory utensils, etc.
At the same time, titanium dioxide has a good UV shielding effect, and is often incorporated into textile fibers as a sunscreen. Ultra-fine High Quality Food Grade Titanium Dioxide Function/ Anatase Tio2 is also added to sunscreen cream to make sunscreen cosmetics.
Titanium dioxide can be extracted from rutile by acid decomposition or from titanium tetrachloride. Titanium dioxide has stable properties and is widely used as a white pigment in paints. It has good hiding power and is similar to lead white, but unlike lead white it will turn black; it has the same durability as zinc white. Titanium dioxide is also used as a matting agent for enamel, which can produce a very bright, hard and acid-resistant enamel glaze finish.

Product Application:

The production process of titanium dioxide has two process routes: sulfuric acid method and chlorination method. It has important applications in coatings, printing inks, paper making, plastic rubber, chemical fiber, ceramics and other industries.

1) It is used as white pigment and glaze of porcelain.
2) It can also be used as coating and filling in paper-making industry to help paper to be printable and opaque.
3) It can be used to make spongy titanium, alloy of titanium and iron and hard alloy, etc.
4) It can also be used to make nonconductor, electric welding rod and porcelain enamel.
5) It can also be used in synthetic fiber, plastic, rubber, printing, dying, cosmetics, medicine fillings and food additives.


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