White Crystalline Powder Sodium Lactate for Tofu/Swelling Agent High Quality Food Additives

ProductSodium Lactate
AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder
ApplicationsSolid Drinks, Sala Sauce, Milk Tablets, Candy, Ect.
GradeFood grade
SolubilityFast Water Soluble
Particle Size80 Mesh
PH Value6.5-7.5
Density1.326 g/cm³
Pb2ppm max
Shelf Life24 Months
Storage conditionsCool and dry

Sodium lactate powder is a solid sodium salt of natural L-lactic acid, and sodium lactate powder 98 is a white powder. It is a free-flowing hygroscopic salt and has a neutral pH.Used as humectant, antioxidant or flavouring agent in the food industries, especially in meat industry. Also used as humectant, antioxidant synergist, or bodying agent in other industries, like cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.
The preservative effect of sodium lactate powder in food production applications is 2 to 5 times that of liquid sodium lactate.

1.Sodium lactate keeps a product's pH from becoming too acidic. It is moisturizing and moisture binding,
as well as being a keratolytic, helping exfoliate excess cells from the surface of the stratum corneum.
It is also used as a substitute for glycerin. Sodium lactate is naturally occurring in the skin.

2.Sodium Lactate is a humectant that is the sodium salt of lactic acid which is low melting and hygroscopic
with a mildly saline taste. it is used in sponge cake and swiss roll to produce a tender crumb and to
reduce staling. it provides a protein plasticizing effect in bis- cuits. it is used in frankfurter-type sausages
as a replacement for sodium chloride to extend shelf life and as a dehydrating salt or humectant in uncured
hams. it can function as a flavoring agent and enhancer in some meat and poultry products.

3. As a preservative in the food industry, it is widely used in meat products, such as Frankfurt, roast pork, ham, sandwiches, sausages, chicken products, and cooked products.


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