Vitamin E Powder

ProductVitamin E
AppearanceWhite Powder
GradeFeed Grade
Heavy Metal(Pb)<10 mg/kg
Arsenic<3.0 mg/kg
Extraction TypeSolvent Extraction


Vitamin E Powder is also called DL-α-Tocopheryl Acetate Powder. It is composed of white, free-flowing particles. The powder particles contain droplets of DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate adsorbed in microporous silica particles. DL-α-tocopherol acetate powder can quickly and completely diffuse in warm water at 35℃ to 40°C, and high concentrations may cause turbidity.


1. Prevention and treatment of encephalomalacia in livestock and poultry. Manifested as: ataxia, head tremor, head bending to the wings, leg paralysis and other symptoms. On autopsy, the cerebellum was swollen, tender, and meninges edema, and the posterior lobes of the cerebral hemispheres were softened or liquefied.

2. Prevention and treatment of exudative diathesis of livestock and poultry. It is characterized by increased capillary permeability, causing plasma proteins and hemoglobin released from disintegrating red blood cells to enter the subcutaneous skin, rendering the skin pale green to pale blue. Subcutaneous edema occurs mostly in the chest and abdomen, under the wings and neck. In severe cases, it can cause subcutaneous edema throughout the body: bluish-purple under the skin of the chest, abdomen, and thighs, with pale yellow or bluish-purple exudation under the skin. Slaughter elimination rate is high.

3. Maintain high egg production rate (fertility), high fertilization rate and high hatching rate of livestock and poultry. Prevent and treat the above-related symptoms.

4. Good antioxidant function can improve the disease resistance and anti-stress level of livestock and poultry.

5. Improve the immunity of livestock and poultry. Enhance the body's immune function.

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