Vitamin B12 Powder

ProductVitamin B12
AppearanceRed Crystalline Powder
GradeFood Grade
Moisture content6.50%
The total aerobic microbial count<10 cfu/g


Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a multi-cyclic compound containing 3 valent cobalt. Four reduced pyrrole rings are linked together to form a large ring of porphyrin (similar to porphyrin). It is the only vitamin containing metal elements. It is the most stable under weak acid conditions with pH value of 4.5~5.0. It decomposes in strong acid (pH<2) or alkaline solution, and can be damaged to a certain extent in case of heat. Higher animals and plants cannot produce vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 in nature is synthesized by microorganisms.


* For Cosmetic:

Vitamin B12 Powder is generally known as hematopoietic vitamin, which has the superior effect of skin regeneration. It is indispensable for cell regeneration and hematopoiesis, and is an important component to promote human metabolism. Vitamin B12 Powder is the latest type of vitamin. It is the last found of all vitamins. Its molecular composition is the most complex. The content of vitamin B12 in the human body will gradually decrease with the increase of age, especially in women because of their physiological structure. Easily solve the following skin problems: *The skin is tired, dark and dry; *Obviously fade the fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging; *Repair skin redness, peeling and pain caused by sun exposure, dry and cold autumn and winter; *Scar marks, mosquito bites, burns and scalds; *It can be used after plastic surgery to avoid leaving scars.
*Feed additive
Vitamin B12 is an indispensable micronutrient for the growth of the body. Most animal plant feeds do not contain vitamin B12. On the one hand, animals rely on the synthesis of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract, and on the other hand, they rely on external addition. In order to meet the needs of animal vitamins, it is necessary to supplement vitamin additives. The main manifestation of vitamin B12 deficiency in non-hair ruminants such as pigs and chickens is stunted growth and development, and a small number of pigs may have mild normal erythrocytic anemia. In addition, you can also use chicken's The hatching rate of chickens and the reproductive rate of pigs decreased. The clinical symptoms of deficiency include anorexia, growth stagnation, simple anemia, and serious neurological symptoms. Feed B12 Vitamin Powder can promote the growth and development of poultry, especially young animals. Can be used for: ① Poor growth and anemia of pigs and chickens caused by vitamin B12 deficiency; ② Endemic emaciation of cattle and sheep in cobalt-deficient areas; ③ Non-specific treatment of neuritis and neuralgia; ④ Improve the utilization rate of feed protein; ⑤ Raising of economic animals; ⑥ Treating fish eggs or fry with B12 solution can improve the tolerance of fish to toxic substances such as benzene and heavy metals in water.
*Food Colorants: Such as ham, sausage, ice cream, fish sauce.
*Cosmetics: *Vitamin B12 Powder can be used for cosmetics, soap, toothpaste, etc., and can also be used for deodorization of toilets, refrigerators, oral cavity, etc., to eliminate the odor of sulfide and aldehyde.
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