White particles Sweetener Sodium Cyclamate NF13 for food and beverage

ProductSodium Cyclamate
AppearanceWhite particles
Nutritional ValueSweetener
GradeFood Grade
Shelf Life24 Months
Storage ConditionsStored in a Cool and Dry Place

1. Sodium cyclamate food additive is a new non-nutrition sweetener with delicious flavour, which covers bitter, sweet taste slowly but keeps for a long time. It is not harm to human beings and is safe than sugar.

3. It is a kind of healthy food additive with sugar-free and low in calories. It is 30~50 times sweeter

4. Sodium cyclamate is a non-nutritive synthetic sweetener whose sweetness is 30 times that of sucrose, and the price is only one-third of sucrose, and it does not have a little more bitter taste as saccharin, so it can be used as an international common food additive in cool drinks, fruit juices, ice cream, pastry food and preserves.

5. Sodium cyclamate, an artificial sweetener with two food grades, Plate (CP95) & Needle-like (NF13) grade, appears as a white needle-shaped or flaky crystalline powder.

1. Sodium cyclamate is used widely in food and beverages, such as in drinks, candied fruits, preserved fruits, cosmetics, and toothpaste, used for household seasonings, such as cooking, and used as a substitute sugar in patients with diabetes and obesity.

2. It can also be used for home flavouring, cooking, pickles, cosmetics sweetness, syrup, sugar coating, sweet ingots, toothpaste, mouthwash, lipstick and so on.


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