White crystal malic acid food additives organic malic acid/l-malic for juice

ProductMalic Acid
AppearanceWhite crystal
GradeFood Grade
Maleic acid≤0.05
specific rotation0
Insoluble residue≤0.1
StateMalic Acid has a hygroscopic solid, soluble in water and ethanol. There is a special pleasant acidity.

Product Description

Malic acid is an organic compound with the molecular formula C4H6O5. It contributes to the pleasantly sour taste of fruits, and is used as a food additive. Malic acid has two stereoisomeric forms (L- and D-enantiomers), though only the L-isomer exists naturally. Malic Acid has a strong hygroscopic, soluble in water and ethanol. There is a special pleasant acidity.


Malic acid is the primary acid in many fruits, including grapes, peaches, and pears, helping with their distinct taste. Malic acid itself tastes tart and sour. In beverages, malic acid helps provide a tart taste and balance the pH. Malic acid is excellent because of its ability to dissolve quickly in water, allowing it to be used with other additives in many different foods. Malic acid is commonly used in food to add sourness and tartness. It is an essential additive in candies, mixed with hydronated palm oil to provide a long-lasting sour flavour that we love and hate. For this same reason, it is also used in other snacks like salt and vinegar chips to give them their punch. Malic acid is commonly paired with other additives to improve the aftertaste and to make it taste more natural.


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