Cosmetic Grade Gamma Poly Glutamic Acid White Powder

AppearanceWhite powder
GradeComestic Grade
ApplicationDaily Chemicals
Sodium Chloride(%)<0.5
PH Value2.0-4.0
Heavy Metals(ppm)≤20
Arsnic (ppm)≤2
Acid Value (mgkoh/g)290-380
Water solubilitySoluble in water
Melting point92℃-96℃
SolubilityEasily dissolve in tetrahydrofuran and hot ethanol
StorageCool Dry Place
Shelf Life3 years

Glutamic acid is an amino acid type surfactant synthesized by plant extraction of coconut acid and sodium glutamate through acylation and neutralization reactions. The product contains more than 95% of the active ingredients in the dry state. It is white or almost white uneven powder and granules. It has no special odor. It can be used as an amino acid surfactant intermediate or directly as an anionic surfactant for mild type.

1. Made of extremely safe materials, extremely soft to the skin, will not cause allergies and phototoxicity;
2. Suitable foam, strong washing power, excellent adaptability to hard water;
3. Can be quickly decomposed by organisms;
4. Because it contains fatty acids, it can make solutions and micelles obtain the required viscosity; it is suitable for various forms of goods such as solid, liquid, paste, powder, etc .; it can be used in various cream systems to help Emulsifying effect, used to increase the moisturizing and skin-adhering properties of the product;
5. It can effectively repair damaged hair; it has bactericidal and antistatic effects in an acidic environment, and shows excellent effects on the combability of hair;.

It is applicable to products in transparent system or(pearl) cleansing cream, shampoo, bath lotion, soap, detergent, toothpaste, shaving cream and industrial products.

1.Glutamic acid is the most productive amino acid in the world, and it can be used for skin and hair as a nutraceutical. Used as a hair growth agent, it can be absorbed by the scalp to prevent hair loss and regenerate hair. It has nutritional functions for dermal papilla and hair mother cells, can expand blood vessels, enhance blood circulation, and has the effect of hair growth and hair loss prevention. Applied to the skin, it is effective in treating wrinkles.

2.In the food industry, monosodium glutamate is a commonly used food freshening agent, and its main component is sodium glutamate. As a flavor enhancer, glutamic acid can be used to enhance the taste of beverages and foods. It can not only enhance the flavor of food, but also have a fresh-keeping effect on animal foods.

3.L-glutamic acid is mainly used in the production of monosodium glutamate, spices, salt substitutes, nutritional supplements and biochemical reagents.


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