Collagen Powder Type II Peptide

AppearanceOff-white powder
GradeFood Grade
Active IngredientsProtein 90% minimum
Loss on Drying4.20%(≤8.0%)
Total Protein91.2%(≥90%)
StorageStore in a cool, dry and dark place
Valid date24 months

Product description:
Collagen powder may help decrease the speed of aging by minimizing both dryness and wrinkles. Collagen may also improve the hydration of skin and its overall appearance.
The fish skin collagen powder is selectted from natural, pure and pollution-free sish skin as material. Through the composite biological enzymolysis technology. The hard collagen protein which is difficult to digest to human body shears directionally into small molecules active peptide to suit for absorption. And the fishy smell of deep sea fish has been inhibited to the limit. The product is without any additives and preservatives.

1. In cosmetics
Protein is the most important living substance, and life is the way of existence of protein body. Its chemical composition and structure determine its suitability as the basis of cosmetics. The benefits of collagen to the skin are embodied in the following aspects: moisturizing, nourishing, skin brightening, firming, repairing, and nutrition Collagen contains hydrophilic natural moisturizing factors, which can reduce pigmentation precipitation, and the triple helix structure can Strongly locks in moisture to keep skin moist and supple all the time.

2. In medical treatment
Because collagen has the characteristics of protecting and supporting human tissue and bone tension strength and viscosity, it is widely used as a medical material. At present, it is trying to cover the wounds of patients with burns and scalds with collagen to promote epidermal cells. The ability of migration and growth can greatly shorten the time of wound healing and improve the survival ability of burn patients. According to relevant foreign reports, collagen can also effectively improve joint disease and osteoporosis, inhibit blood pressure rise, resist ulcer through gastric mucosa, and regulate immune function. It can also be added to health products to supplement lost collagen, improve the variation and aging of collagen, promote the combination of calcium and collagen in the body, and prevent the occurrence of various osteoarthritis.

3. In food materials
(1) Used as food packaging materials such as sausage casings
Sausage, ham casings, and packaging films for frozen meat, smoked chicken, fried meat, etc. When collagen is used as food packaging materials such as sausage casings, the collagen film has oxygen, oil, and water resistance, and can carry antioxidants and antibacterial carriers. , fragrance and other functions; in addition, during the heat treatment process, with the evaporation and melting of water and oil, the shrinkage rate of collagen is almost the same as that of meat.

(2) Food additives
Collagen is used as a food additive, with a soft taste, light taste, easy digestion, strong hydrophilicity, and a rich source of protein nutrition. In addition, it can also be added to meat products, which can make the meat more tender, not only taste better but also more nutritious. According to research, by changing the raw materials and decomposition conditions of collagen peptides, it can also have the effects of beauty and health care.

(3) Utilization and development of food materials
Collagen material has good film-forming ability and hydrophilicity, and its tight helical structure and existing crystallization region also endow it with certain thermal stability. These properties make collagen food have irreplaceable advantages of other materials.

4. Application in feed industry
(1) Substitute imported fishmeal for mixed and compound feed production

Hydrolyzed collagen is a high-efficiency animal protein nutritional additive. Studies have shown that if it is used to replace or partially replace imported fish meal for the production of mixed and compound feeds, its feeding effect and economic benefits are higher than imported fish meal.

(2) Used as pellet feed binder
Adding 1% to 3% of hydrolyzed collagen in pellet feed can significantly improve the pelleting effect. It is suitable for aquatic feed, not only increases the crude protein content, but also facilitates fish and shrimp feeding, improves feed remuneration, and prevents water pollution.

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