Citric acid monohydrate

ProductCitric acid monohydrate
AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder
GradeFood Grade
ServiceOEM ODM Private Label

Citric Acid Monohydrate is a weak organic acid and is used to add a sour taste to drinks and foods. Citric acid's conjugate base is citrate and an important intermediate in the citric acid cycle in biochemistry.

Citric acid is the world's largest organic acid produced by biochemical methods. Citric acid and its salts are one of the pillars of the fermentation industry and are mainly used in the food industry as an acidifier, solubilizer, buffering agent, antioxidant, deodorizer, flavor enhancer, gelling agent, coloring agent, etc.

In food additives, citric acid is mainly used in carbonated beverages, juice drinks, lactic acid drinks and other refreshing beverages and pickled products, and its demand varies depending on the seasonal climate. Citric acid accounts for about 2/3 of the total consumption of acidulants.
Adding citric acid to canned fruit can maintain or improve the flavor of the fruit, increase the acidity of certain fruits with lower acidity when canned (lower pH), weaken the heat resistance of microorganisms and inhibit their growth, and prevent bacterial swelling and damage that often occurs in canned fruits with lower acidity.
Adding citric acid as an acidulant in candy is easy to harmonize with fruit flavor. In-gel food such as jam, jelly in the use of citric acid can effectively reduce the negative charge of pectin, so that the pectin molecules between the hydrogen bonding and gel.
In the processing of canned vegetables, some vegetables are an alkaline reaction, the use of citric acid as a pH adjuster, not only can play a flavoring role but also maintain its quality.
Citric acid has a chelating effect and adjusting pH-worthy characteristics make it in the processing of frozen food can increase the performance of antioxidants, inhibit enzyme activity and extend the shelf life of food.


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