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As a leading probiotic manufacturer in China, we are committed to providing you with the best quality probiotic products and services. Unlike typical probiotic powders, our product line covers a wide range of formats, including convenient and easy-to-use capsules and more. Our proud OEM services even offer you the opportunity to personalize and customize your brand to stand out in the marketplace. Whether you're looking for innovative probiotic solutions or high-quality OEM production, we've got you covered.



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How to choose a quality probiotic Prodcut?

The higher the live count of the probiotic, the yellower the color. Common activities are 10B CFU/g (10 billion), 100B CFU/g (100 billion) or even higher. Some probiotics can reach 600 billion, depending on product characteristics. Store the product refrigerated at -18 degrees. At room temperature, probiotic activity decreases by 5-10% within 1 month, 20-25% within 6 months and 35-40% within 1 year.

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