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We are a leading supplement manufacturer in China, focused on providing high-quality supplement products to meet your health and nutrition needs.
Our range of supplement products is diverse, including vitamins, collagen, creatine monohydrate, protein powder, and matcha powder, among others. Whatever your market demands, we can offer customized solutions to meet your product specifications and quality standards.


Creatine Monohydrate

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Supplement Manufacturing FAQs

What are your most popular products?

In terms of the best-selling products across the industry, bodybuilding and sports nutrition supplements have been very popular. Health and beauty supplements based on collagen and vitamin B are currently very popular. Due to the popularity of COVID-19, consumer interest in supplements to support the immune system has increased.

How does the labeling process work?

Our customers order private label or custom formulated supplements from Reiheychem. We produce manufactured and packaged products. Our customers work with our designers or their own designers to create attractive, FDA-compliant labels for their products, which we use as the final step in the manufacturing process. Our customers' products are then sold in retail stores and online.

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