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At Reiheychem, we use 6 medicinal mushrooms in various combinations to create our mushroom supplements. We offer extracts from different mushroom varieties, including but not limited to Reishi, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, and more. Our products undergo strict quality control to ensure no additives, no contamination, and the highest purity levels. Whether you need customized specifications, packaging, or special requests, we can meet your requirements. We have mushroom extract products to suit your needs.

Lion's Mane Extract

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Whether mushroom capsules or mushroom powders, we've got you covered.

Mushroom Extract Powder

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Common Pitfalls and What We Can Do About Them


Not understanding product quality standards

Education and Training: We will provide you with detailed training on product quality standards to ensure that you understand the key quality indicators of your products.
Provision of quality reports: With each delivery, we provide detailed quality inspection reports to demonstrate that the product meets the stated quality standards.

Neglecting supply chain stability

Multi-Channel Supply: We have established relationships with multiple raw material suppliers to ensure that supply is not affected even if there is a problem with one channel.
Inventory management: We use an advanced inventory management system to ensure that we always have enough inventory to meet customer demand.

Ignoring compliance requirements

Compliance Consultation: We provide consultation on compliance requirements for the US market to help you avoid unnecessary hassles.
Provision of relevant certificates: We ensure that all products supplied meet US regulatory requirements and can provide relevant compliance certificates.

Blindly pursuing low prices

Transparent Pricing Strategy: We offer fully transparent pricing, where every dollar you pay brings value.
Emphasize value: Quality and service are the key to long-term cooperation, not short-term low prices.

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Since launching in April of 2014, Reiheychem now manages additive supplier work for more than 120+ clients in 30+ countries. We'd love for you to join!
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