Leavening Agent

The leavening agent is added to wheat flour-based baked goods, in the processing process, will be heat decomposition to produce gas so that bread, cakes and other foods with a spongy porous gas have a soft and crispy texture. They are mainly used in pastry, cakes and cookie products. To ensure advanced technology, high quality and reasonable prices for Food Additives Puffing Agent Plant, our company has made great efforts in product management. We will sincerely cooperate with you with our first-class products and services!


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Who is better to make dough with baking powder, baking soda or yeast?

Baking powder is suitable for most pasta making
Since the fermentation reaction of baking powder mainly depends on the acid-base neutralization reaction when it meets water to produce gas to help ferment the pasta, little other conditions are needed for the fermentation of baking powder, and water will inevitably be added to make the pasta, so baking powder can be used in most of the pasta making to complete the fermentation effect, thus helping the pasta to expand and improve the taste.
Baking soda is suitable for old pasta and noodles
Baking soda itself is alkaline, if used directly in the pasta and noodles easily lead to bitter taste and alkaline taste, and if the old pasta left over from the last pasta production to ferment, then the old pasta due to its own taste put a night will be sour, directly do the pasta has a sour taste, so at this time you can add some baking soda to balance the acid and alkali, so that the taste of the pasta done after more fresh and natural.
Yeast flour flour is the best and nutritious
Because the principle of yeast flour is through the yeast encountering water to produce bioactive reaction, exhale carbon dioxide and make flour, so yeast flour is normal, there will be no other additives, and yeast itself is a fungus, has more protein and amino acid nutrients, can help pasta add more nutrients, than the above baking powder flour flour speed is not bad, so yeast flour flour flour is the best.