Food Coloring

Food coloring is used as a food coloring/coloring additive that is added to food/beverages to help impart color. These products are available in different finished forms including gels, liquids, powders, pastes for commercial food production and home use. In addition to food, they are also used in non-food applications including medical devices, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. We stock food coloring in a variety of colors such as scarlet, sunset, fuchsia, lemon yellow and more. Reihey is a food coloring powder supplier, our food coloring has good water solubility, bright color, long-lasting and fresh color. And, our wholesale food coloring certificate is complete, you can use it with confidence.


Is food coloring healthy to eat?

It is safe. Food colouring is a food additive, a kind of pigment that can be consumed in moderation by people and can make the food, to a certain degree, change the original colour of food additives. According to the regulations, the provision of added colouring is safe.

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