Focus on consumer's need, A guide for customizing your mushroom extract product form and packaging

September 12, 2023

Nowadays, mushroom extract has become a popular presence in the supplement industry. More and more health-conscious consumers are starting to pay attention to the mushroom extract product. In the same way, because mushroom extracts are more and more popular, the competition has become more intense in this market. Whether you are a brand that already has some success in the mushroom extract market or a newcomer who wants to enter this market, your final goal is all stand out in the mushroom extract market.

In the book"How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market," Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman points out, that 95% of consumer's buying decision is subconscious, they are first to notice the product's form and packaging. This means, that if you want your mushroom extract to stand out, the product's form and packaging are key factors for attracting out consumers. So, how can you take a chance to make your consumers "fall in love at first sight"?

1.  Analysis of Mushroom Extract Market

Before we discuss how to customize the right product's form and packaging, we need to get a basic understanding of the mushroom extract market. In this section, we will analyze the mushroom extract demand trend, and how consumer expectations of the product's form and packaging are changing.

1.1 Mushroom Extract Market Demand

According to a report from the Chinese professional information portal Xinsijie, the global medicinal mushroom extract market reached a size of $41.532 million in 2021. Among these, the U.S. mushroom extract market stands out, with a market size of $21.3 million. To better understand the mushroom extract market, you can refer to the information we shared in a previous article titled "Expanding Your Business: A Guide to Choosing the Right Mushroom Extract Product Line."

1.2 Changes in Consumer Demands

If you still view the form and packaging of your products merely as a means of protecting supplements, it's time to change that perspective. With the mushroom extract market becoming increasingly competitive, they have become key factors that can drive your success in this dynamic market.
According to a survey conducted by the Swiss packaging company Amcor, resealable packaging is becoming more popular in the supplement industry. Consumers want their supplement products to have resealable features, allowing them to safely store their products. Ideally, product packaging should incorporate features such as built-in measuring devices, pre-packaged doses, or easy-to-read dosage instructions. Additionally, the combination of the form and packaging of supplement products should consider the convenience of consumer usage. For example, packaging in small bags or stick forms should correspond to powdered and liquid supplement forms, making it easy for consumers to mix supplements into beverages or take them directly. 
These demands are essentially telling you that to succeed in the mushroom extract market, you need to align your efforts with these directions.

2. Customizing Mushroom Extract Product Forms

Now, you might be thinking, since the direction is clear, how do I achieve the goal? We do step by step, beginning with how to customize the right mushroom extract form for your business.
Faced with various forms and features of mushroom extract, you might be confused. After a brief introduction to the features of different mushroom extracts, we will compare the manufacturing process and the areas where they are suitable. Whether you wish to manufacture mushroom extract in powder, capsule, gummy, or other forms, this information may give you some reference value.

2.1 Selection of Product Forms

Due to the wide range of applications of mushroom extracts in various market industries, such as dietary supplements, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and health products, different markets and audiences have diverse demands and preferences for the form of mushroom extract products. As a contender in the mushroom extract industry, choosing the right product form can directly impact your market appeal. Below, we will briefly list the available forms of mushroom extract products and their characteristics:

PowderEasy to mix and apply
Easy to adjust the dosage
Suitable for customized formulations
CapsuleConvenient to carry
Avoid bitter taste or odor
Precise dosing
Soft candyGood taste and is easy to chew
Suitable for children
Customizable shape and flavor
LiquidFast absorption
Easy to mix into drinks or food
Ideal for situations where a quick refill is needed
TabletsStable physicochemical properties
Precise dosage
Easy to carry

2.2 Comparison of Preparation Processes for Different Forms

Because different manufacturing processes may have important effects on the purity, productivity, and flavor of the product. Therefore, understanding the manufacturing process of each form and their differences plays an important role in your choice.

FormPreparation Process
Powder Form1. Harvest and clean mushrooms. 2. Cut or grind into powder. 3. Solvent extraction. 4. Filtration. 5. Solvent evaporation. 6. Drying and grinding. 7. Packaging.
Capsule Form1. Prepare the powder. 2. Fill capsules. 3. Measure dosage. 4. Seal capsules. 5. Packaging.
Gummy Form1. Prepare liquid mushroom extract. 2. Mix with gummy base, sweeteners, colorants, and flavorings. 3. Fill molds. 4. Cool and solidify. 5. Remove gummies from molds. 6. Packaging.
Tablet Form1. Prepare the powder. 2. Add excipients. 3. Compress into tablets. 4. Quality control. 5. Packaging.
Liquid Form1. Harvest and clean mushrooms. 2. Cut. 3. Solvent extraction. 4. Filtration. 5. Solvent evaporation. 6. Adjust concentration and quality. 7. Packaging.

Based on the above summary table of different forms of the manufacturing process, we compared them in purity, productivity, and flavor:

1. Purity

  • Powdered and capsule forms usually have higher purity because they undergo multiple filtration and evaporation processes to remove impurities.
  • Liquid forms may be slightly less pure because they require the evaporation of solvents, but purity can be improved with additional processing steps.
  • Soft candy forms and tablet forms may be somewhat limited in terms of purity because they need to include ingredients such as adjuvants, sweeteners, and colors, which may affect the purity of the product.

2. Production efficiency

  • As can be seen from the table above, powder forms and capsule forms are relatively simple to prepare and can be mass-produced. Therefore, they usually have high production efficiency.
  • Soft candy forms and tablet forms may be relatively complex to prepare, involving steps such as mold filling, cooling, etc., and have lower production efficiency.
  • The process of preparing liquid forms is also relatively complex, as multiple steps are required, including solvent evaporation and adjustment of concentration, and production efficiency can be compromised.

3. Flavor

  • Gummy forms usually have a good taste and texture because they can have sweeteners and flavors added to make them more palatable.
  • Capsule forms and powder forms usually have no taste because they do not contain additional additives and are used primarily in dietary supplements.
  • The taste of tablet forms can vary depending on the ingredients; some may have some taste and some may be tasteless.

2.3 Advantages and Application Areas

Different forms of mushroom extract products have their own advantages, and these advantages make them play unique roles in various application areas. When you understand the advantages of each product form, you can better match them with suitable application areas.

1.  Powder Form

Mushroom extract powder is typically produced through precise preparation processes, resulting in higher extract concentration, making it suitable for the dietary supplement industry that seeks high concentration and easy dosage control. Additionally, powder form has a large surface area and is easily dispersible, allowing for effortless blending into various foods and beverages. Therefore, it has gained popularity in the food and beverage industry in recent years.

2.  Capsule Form

Capsule forms can be categorized as hard capsules and soft capsules, with hard capsules being the preferred choice in the mushroom extract product market. Compared to tablets, hard capsules are readily absorbed, offer good stability, and can mask the taste of mushroom extracts. As a result, they are suitable for consumers who do not favor the taste of mushrooms but still seek their health benefits. Furthermore, the uniformity of extract doses in each capsule makes it a common choice in the dietary supplement market. However, it may not be suitable for the elderly or individuals with swallowing difficulties.

3.  Gummy Form

Gummy forms offer a wide range of customizable shapes and a multitude of options for taste and texture. This enjoyable texture is well-suited for adult consumers seeking health benefits in their daily lives, especially those who enjoy snacking. Mushroom extract in gummy form not only boasts an appealing appearance but also contains specific extract doses per gummy.

4.  Liquid Form

Liquid forms have excellent dispersibility, a large surface area, rapid absorption by the human body, and quick action with high bioavailability. Dosing is easily adjustable through a dropper, making it suitable for consumers seeking fast results, such as athletes or those looking for rapid symptom relief. It's important to note that liquid mushroom extracts may be exposed to air, potentially leading to oxidation and degradation of active ingredients during use.

5.  Tablet Form

Tablet form offers several advantages, including precise dosing, stable physicochemical properties, ease of storage and transportation, and low production costs. Its compact and portable form makes it convenient for consumption during travel or outings, and it is commonly used in the health supplement industry. However, tablets may not be suitable for the elderly population. The tablet production process involves the addition of binders, and the compression into tablet form, resulting in slower dissolution rates compared to powders and capsules. Additionally, the solid form of tablets may pose difficulties for older individuals with swallowing issues.

3、Customizing the Packaging Form for Mushroom Extracts

3.1 The Importance of Packaging

After you choosing the right mushroom mushroom product form, you've already achieved half of your success! And the product packaging is the other half of the success. So, product packaging besides as the protective shell, what other meanings for your product sales?

1.  Capturing Consumer Attention

Well-designed packaging can make your product stand out on the shelves, encouraging consumer purchase decisions. Eye-catching packaging increases your product's visibility in the competitive mushroom extract market and leaves a lasting impression on consumers.

2.  Conveying Brand Values

Your product packaging is an extension of your brand, conveying information about your product to consumers through images, logos, and information on the packaging. This information may include product quality, credibility, and health value.

3.  Providing Product Information

The label on mushroom extract product packaging typically includes information about ingredients, usage, directions, and dosage. These details serve as a source of information for consumers, increasing their willingness to purchase and trust in the product.

4.  Enhancing Perceived Value

Attractive packaging can enhance the perceived value of the product. In simple terms, consumers are often willing to pay a higher price for products that look upscale and sophisticated.

3.2 Choosing Packaging Types

There is a wide variety of packaging forms available for mushroom extract products in the market. Common packaging types include boxes, bottles, bags, and blister packs. You can choose based on your product positioning and packaging characteristics:

1.  Box (Boxed)

Boxed is usually an attractive packaging format for a wide range of products. It can hold multiple units of product, providing enough space to display brand logos, product information, and images. Boxed packs are suitable for long-term storage and can effectively protect the product from the external environment. For high-end mushroom extract products, boxed packs can enhance the value of the product.

2.  Bag (Including Small Bags)

Re-sealable bags are becoming more and more popular in the field of supplement packaging because they are not only cost-effective but also highly flexible. Typically, for opening and closing them, you can choose a zipper, and they are well-suited for packaging mushroom extract powder. Small bags are a form of supplement packaging in small pouches, providing a single serving each. This option allows your product to be sold in boxes or as individual portions, offering an attractive choice (and a higher price).

3.  Bottle (PP Bottle, Glass Bottle)

Glass bottles are a premium supplement packaging choice and are often an attractive option for those looking to add a touch of prestige (and command higher prices) to their products. They are highly durable, possess a unique aesthetic appeal, and are suitable for both liquid and powder forms of mushroom extract products. PP bottles (Polypropylene bottles) are typically used for solid or powder products due to their lightweight and resistance to damage.

4.  Blister Pack

Blister pack packaging involves sealing the product between a transparent plastic sheet and a backing board. It offers a convenient way for consumers to access the product by easily tearing open or opening the blister pack. Blister pack packaging is commonly used for mushroom extract capsules and tablet forms, enhancing product stability and providing flexibility in packaging quantities.

Which supplement packaging option is best for you?

Like most things in business, it depends on the type of product, your brand, and, most importantly, cost factors. However, to give yourself a good guideline for choosing the most suitable option, you should ask yourself the following three questions:

● Where will my product be sold? If it's in retail stores, then you should be prepared to invest extra in supplement packaging to make it stand out on the shelves.

● Will you use sustainability as a selling point? If your product is organic, gluten-free, or has any other "clean" connotations, then glass bottles or resealable bags (especially paper ones) might be worth considering.

● How and when will it be used? Will your customers use these products on the go, or will they take them home? Depending on your answer, you may need to consider spending more to purchase options that offer greater portability.

3.3 Custom Packaging Design

Effective packaging design for your mushroom extract products can serve as a marketing tool for your brand. You can convey your company's brand image and product value through the appearance, colors, patterns, and labels. When customizing packaging design, you should carefully consider your target audience, product positioning, and market trends. Below, based on our experience in collaboration, I will explain packaging design for mushroom extract in the dietary supplement industry:

Given the competitive landscape in the dietary supplement industry in 2023, I certainly understand and appreciate the importance of making your packaging stand out to attract potential buyers' attention. From my experience, there are two practical approaches to achieving this goal.

1.  Add Creativity to Your Labels

Feel free to get creative with your dietary supplement labels or outer packaging. By this, I mean you can:

● Create visually appealing and concise dietary supplement label designs.

● Use attention-grabbing colors.

● Employ special label effects such as embossing or foil fonts.

Unique labels are an effective way to make your packaging stand out and convey the information you want to market to consumers. If the message is conveyed effectively, consumers may be persuaded to purchase the product.

2.  Choose Colored Bottle Caps

Most supplement bottle caps are black or white. However, as a supplier, we also offer caps in other colors. Based on our design experience, we suggest that you consider pairing standard amber or white bottles with colored caps. This combination, along with a unique label design, can make your product memorable in a crowded and competitive market. Once consumers are impressed by this color combination, they will naturally associate this eye-catching product with your brand.

4.  Success Story of a Renowned Brand

Earth & Star launched a Super Multi-Mushroom Gummy in April 2002, enriched with various mushroom extracts. This super mushroom gummy is designed to enhance the body's immune system and contains 2500mg of mixed mushroom extracts, including shiitake, reishi, and cordyceps, among others.

To ensure a delightful taste, Earth & Star worked with their supplier to design these super mushroom gummies with a sweet and delicious raspberry flavor. Moreover, in terms of appearance, the gummies are shaped like little mushrooms. For the outer packaging, they opted for resealable bags, making it convenient for consumers to use. Additionally, the company customized a range of other mushroom products, such as mushroom coffee and mushroom chocolate. Within a few short months, Earth & Star's Super Multi-Mushroom Gummy gained popularity among consumers, thanks to its cute appearance and convenient packaging, often recommended by health bloggers.

The tremendous success of Earth & Star is attributed in part to their exceptional mushroom extract supplier. Much like our company, as a leading supplier of mushroom extracts in the industry, we consistently provide high-quality mushroom extracts to customers and offer OEM & ODM services. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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