Food emulsifiers, also known as surfactants, are food additives that convert immiscible liquids into homogeneous dispersed phases (emulsions), and add small amounts to significantly reduce the interfacial tension between the oil and water phases to produce an emulsifying effect. Many of our emulsifiers are quality certified and our emulsifiers are used for a wide range of applications. The use of emulsifiers in confectionery provides uniform dispersion of fat and prevents grease bleeding out; the use of emulsifiers in ice cream provides a dry, loose texture, good conformability and a smooth surface.


Citrus Pectin

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What are food emulsifiers?

A food emulsifier is a dispersed active substance formed by physical means to homogenize two or more mutually immiscible phases. An emulsifier is a surface active substance with hydrophilic and lipophilic groups in the molecule. It aggregates at the interface of oil or water, which reduces the interfacial tension and reduces the energy required to form an emulsion, thus increasing the energy of the emulsion.

What are some natural food emulsifiers?

Lecithin, also known as methionine, is a group of yellowish-brown oily substances found in plant and animal tissues and egg yolk. Lecithin is also found in soybeans, and soy lecithin is a natural emulsifier extracted from non-GMO soybeans.

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