Citric Acid

Citric acid is an essential organic acid, colourless to white powder or crystal, odourless, easily soluble in water, and is an acidity regulator and food additive. Citric acid has an authentic sour taste; only a small amount is added to produce a pleasant and refreshing sour taste. Natural citric acid is found in plants such as lemons, citrus, pineapples and other fruits and in animal bones, muscles and blood. Synthetic citric acid is produced by fermenting sugary substances, such as sugar, molasses, starch and grapes. Citric acid is mainly used in carbonated beverages, juice drinks, lactic acid drinks, other refreshing beverages, and pickled products. Using citric acid as a pH regulator not only serves as a flavouring agent but also maintains food quality.


Application Of Citric Acid

pH Adjuster

The citric acid in canned goods, jams and jellies can lower the pH and inhibit the reproduction of spoilage microorganisms. When the pH is less than 5.5, it can inhibit most spoilage bacteria. Adjusting pH by citric acid can also achieve the purpose of improving quality and flavour.

Sucrose Conversion Agent

Adding an appropriate amount of citric acid to the sucrose solution can convert it into conversion sugar, which can increase the saturation and uprightness of sucrose and improve the osmotic pressure. Therefore, it can prevent the cane sugar products from returning to sand, and also increase the freshness of sugar products and improve the texture of products.

Improver For Relaxing Agents

In pasta products with baking soda relaxant added, the alkalinity of the product tends to increase and the taste becomes worse. If citric acid and baking soda are used together, the baking soda molecules can absorb carbon dioxide during the reaction without causing the accumulation of sodium carbonate, thus reducing the alkalinity of the pasta product and improving the taste.

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