Calcium Propionate

Calcium propionate is in the form of white granules or powder with little odor and is mainly used as a preservative for food. It can be absorbed by human and animals through metabolism and supplies essential calcium for human and animals, which other preservatives cannot compare. Bakery or cake store will use calcium propionate in bread to extend the shelf life. Calcium propionate is also used in snack foods such as pastries and cookies to improve the taste. We are professional Calcium Propionate manufacturer and exporter, we can promise our wholesale Calcium Propionate price may be lower than the market price.


Why is calcium propionate used in bread?

As a food preservative propionate, calcium propionate is mainly used in bread because sodium propionate raises the ph value of bread and delays the fermentation of raw flour; sodium propionate is mostly used in pastry because the puffing of pastry uses synthetic puffing agents without the yeast development problems caused by rising pH.

Uses of calcium propionate

Calcium propionate can be used as a mold inhibitor for food and feed, and as a preservative for bread and pastry. Calcium propionate is easy to mix with flour evenly, and it can provide essential calcium while acting as a preservative for preserving and fortifying food.
Calcium propionate has an inhibitory effect on mold and aerobic bacillus, which can cause sticky filamentous substances in bread, but not on yeast. 
Calcium propionate as a feed additive can effectively inhibit moldy feed, extend the shelf life of feed, if combined with other inorganic salts can also improve the appetite of livestock, improve milk production of cows. Calcium propionate has low volatility, high temperature resistance, and good adaptability to animals, making it suitable for use in a variety of feeds.

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