Food antioxidants are food additives that prevent or delay the oxidative deterioration of food, improve food stability and extend storage life. Antioxidants are typically added directly to fats and oils or can be added using a spray method, such as dissolving the antioxidant and spraying it on the food. Generally, antioxidants are reducing substances, and the most commonly used food antioxidants are  phenolics. While using phenolic antioxidants, adding certain acidic substances such as citric acid and phosphoric acid can significantly improve the antioxidant effect.
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What does antioxidants do for the body?

Promotes cardiovascular health

Although not all antioxidants can prevent heart disease, vitamins such as C, E, copper and zinc are known to have heart-protective effects. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that can be used to protect heart health.

Improve cognition

Antioxidants may improve memory and reduce the risk of dementia. Antioxidant vitamins and minerals may function as anti-depressant. Antioxidants also improve vascular health and microcirculation in the brain's small blood vessels, thereby enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to brain cells.

Relief of arthritis symptoms

Antioxidants can improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, which can be attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties of antioxidants. Both anthocyanins in berries and vitamin C in citrus fruits can improve arthritis by fighting the free radicals that cause arthritis symptoms.

Improve vision

Antioxidants can boost immunity and improve vision. Adequate intake of antioxidants can also slow ageing and enhance hair health - antioxidants are essential for a healthy body. Although some antioxidants are produced in the body, the majority of antioxidants come from a balanced diet.

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We can provide you with sample .Also we have the inspection report issued by the authoritative third- party testing agency.

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It’s depend on different products. We accept sample order.

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We provide 24-hour customer service. If you encounter any product quality problems or transportation problems, please feel free to contact us.